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Angry Birds Ocean Levels

Ocean Bread - 5

Southen Ocean - 12

Southen Castle 1

Sea Cave -1

Westren Sea Cave - 20 (Friendship Gate)

Pig Boss - 8

Event 1 Monkey World

Event 2 Snowman,Yeti and Icebird

Event 3 Dinosaurus world in the jungle

Event 4 Pirate Treasture

Party in sea

Arena - Easy, Medium and Hard

Ice Cream Sea - 18

Jungle - 10

Place Mermaid - 15

Underwater - 20

Magic Shield - 5

Viking Castle

Underwater Caves 1 - 10

Event 5 Olympic Games

Pig Underground - 16

Pirate Castle - 15

Waterbomb Sea - 19

Event 6 Winter Olympic Games

Hunt For Pirate King - 13

Mermaid`s Castle - 1

Airport Underground - 15

Underground Caves 1 - 10

Mother of the Mermaids - 10

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